Would you like to show your customers how much you care?

 I am sure you already appreciate how important it is for your clients to feel valued by you and the right Christmas card sent with the right message can do exactly that.

To help you choose the right card here are some things to think about:

  • If you send it to arrive at the beginning of December your card will be on display in your client or supplier’s office for at least 3 weeks so choose a card that stands out from the crowd.

  • Your card should reflect your brand whether it is traditional, modern, quirky or plain bonkers.

  • There are cards that feature your company name as part of the picture or you can design your own and include pictures of your team; there is no extra charge for these.

  • You can use a generic greeting or create your own of up to four lines.

  • Personalised cards help to build relationships.  Think carefully about who you would like to receive one of your cards; perhaps someone who has helped you out during the year; someone whose business you value or someone you don’t have the opportunity to contact as often as you would like.  Make sure that it is correctly addressed and if possible handwrite the recipient’s name inside – not many people do that but it makes it really personal. 

So, food for thought; you can buy as few as 30 cards, create your own personal message and send them to people you particularly want to thank.  Sent with thought, your card will leave a lasting impression for months.

Would you like to see a brochure, drop me an e-mail to jane@compleat.co.uk and I will send one to you.  But hurry, you want that message on display on your customer's desk at the beginning of December.



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