Are you drinking enough in this hot weather?

Are you feeling tired, getting headaches and generally not on top form?  If so you may not be drinking enough.  Our brain is 73% water so not drinking enough can affect how it functions.

Recommendations are that women should drink eight 200ml drinks per day and men should drink ten.  These drinks can be tea, coffee, milk, fruit juices and soft drinks, in fact most fluids except wine and strong spirits will hydrate you. However the best of all is water as it contains no sugar, calories or additives.

Cooled water on tap isn't as expensive as you might think - we have teamed up with a major supplier of plumbed in water coolers to offer you a cooler for the amazingly low price of £4 + VAT per week with no installation charge and no contract.

So if you are feeling a bit dry, give us a ring on 01327 708966.


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